Apple iPod Touch Repair Dublin – Choose your model

If your Apple iPod Touch screen has cracked or the iPod won’t respond to your touch then drop it to us in Coolmine, Blanchardstown Dublin 15. If you are not sure if it can be repaired or not then we can look at it free of charge and give you our experienced opinion on it.

We can repair your iPod and get it back working again. You get a 90 day warranty with each repair and a repair service that goes the extra mile for you. We will give you the repair time with most iPods fixed within 12 hours.

We don’t impose an express charge but we give you the express service on every repair. For a top quality repair service then you need to come and see us

Need your iPod Touch Repaired in Ireland

We offer our fantastic repair solutions to everyone in Ireland. You don’t need to come to us, we have a nationwide courier system in place. The courier will go to you home or work address and collect the package from you. When your iPod Touch is repaired, it will be dispatched and sent back to you.

They collect from every county and town in Ireland so where ever you live we can save you money by repairing your broken devices. To book the collection just call us, we take your details and payment over the phone. If you wish you can pay for the courier collection and return first and pay for the repair when the iPod Touch has been successfully repaired. The choice is Yours!