Computer Repair – Laptop Repair in Dublin & Ireland

Maybe the screen is cracked on your laptop or the keyboard is broken or not working. We fix broken laptops and computers every day. Call us in Dublin or Galway for a Free quotation Have your computer repaired fast with us. We can also collect your device from you, repair it and have it returned to you. Call us for more details about our Computer repairs service.

Choose our Virus Removal and Tune-up service at our Special Offer at only €45.00. This repair will clean your laptop of all infections, remove un-wanted popups and we tune-up your computer. We even install a Free anti virus on your computer free of charge, just for you!

Has your Hard Drive Failed? Watch the signs. Your pc/laptop will not boot into windows or it is trying to repair itself. The drive may have failed or is failing, if so drop it to us for a Free evaluation. We will scan your computer with our software which will tell us if the drive has failed, or not. The system maybe corrupt and need to be reinstalled, we can find out what is wrong with your laptop and then give you the cost to fix it.

Hard Drive replacement cost:

500g Replacement Hard Drive with Operating system installed & updated €120.00

1TB Replacement Hard Drive with Operating system installed & updated €140.00

2TB Replacement Hard Drive with Operating system installed & updated €190.00

1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive, with Operating system installed & updated €175.00

Operating System reinstall. If your system is corrupt we can reinstall the system which will get it back working again. Cost for this repair is €50.00

Graphics Card Repairs

Some signs of a graphics chip failure are:

Lines on the screen. Nothing on the Display when the Laptop is turned on, Laptop is on but shows nothing on the screen.

We can repair this issue. The first thing to do is to drop it to us and we will do a Free evaluation on it to rule out any other issue. There are 2 types of repair that can be done on the chip. The first is a reflow which we don’t do as it doesn’t last. The laptop may work for a month or so or even 6 months but then, when you need it the chip will have failed again.

The second repair which we do, is replace the chip on the motherboard of the laptop. With the replacement graphics card in place your laptop will be back like new again and last for a long time. These chips are not simply unclipped from the board, they are a integrated part of the board. A Specialized  machine is used to remove and replace this chip. Drop in and we can go through the repair process with you.

All Laptop Repairs

We also upgrade Ram, Replace broken Keyboards. We replace broken hinges and broken parts, Touch pad ect. Just give us a call or drop your Laptop to us for a Free Evaluation. If you need a computer repair or your laptop looked at then Choose the right people for the job. We know what We are doing!

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