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Genuine Samsung Parts

Sameday Repair is Possible – Pre-Order

Return Courier Available

Pre-Order Samsung s8 – s8 Plus & s7 Edge Parts

Pre-order Samsung Parts for your s7 Edge, s8 & s8 Plus on our site. Simply choose your model phone and complete the booking on line. You can send us your phone or drop the phone in to our repair shop in Coolmine ind estate. We will inspect your phone first and then order the part in for your phone. Parts normally take 7 to 10 working days to come in to us.

The repair is normally done on the same-day as we get the part, you can collect your phone from us or we can return it to you the next working day. The return courier cost €10.00 extra

Samsung Parts Supply issue

Previously Samsung has had a massive problem with the supply of their parts. Now they have stabilized the supply and parts are more ready available from them. If a part is out of stock with them, we will wait for for it to come back in stock again so your phone can be fixed. We have a facility with our Samsung supplier that we can order the parts that are out of stock with them. Once they come in with Samsung we are the first on the list to get that part.

Back Glass of your Phone or if your Phone is bent?

If your back glass is also cracked or damaged then this will also need to be replaced as this will need to be removed to carry out the repair and will crack completely taking it off.

If your phone is bent and not straight on both sides this can cause an issue fitting the new screen to it. The screen itself is a very thin part. The frame is the support for it so the frame needs to be perfectly straight. This is why we need to see your phone first before we can order in the expensive screen for it

Water Proof/Resistant

Your phone will Not be water proof or water resistant after the repair has been done on it. Have have done many water repair evaluations on phones and have saved many phones. We advise you not to get your phone wet as it is very hard to keep water out of the inside of your phone, Avoid is the best advice!

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